In Shellie’s words

I usually tell people Tyler is “pretty okay.”  I can be pretty sarcastic.  He actually is a rare breed of a human being.  He is warm, kind, and loves people fully and unconditionally.  He’ll do anything for anyone.  He’s the guy who always pulls the car over to help someone on the side of the road, or pauses errands to find the owner of a lost dog.  Tyler is resilient. Despite a long, hard day at work, he comes home upbeat, with a finessed dad joke… every single day. I love this about him. His positivity is contagious. He’s a reliable, compassionate leader and a fantastic teacher. At work, he manages a team that values his unique attributes.

He is also hilarious, strangely energetic and up for any kind of outing… despite the amount of preparation required. His passions are the rivers and mountains.  As a former river guide, he plans epic river trips for our family and friends.  He lives for a good climb or backcountry ski day.

I’ve had friends tell me Ty should teach husband/father 101 classes.  It just comes naturally to him.  He is incredibly patient.  He is always hands-on.   He wants to be present.  And did I mention he has the energy of a 7 year-old?  Our little guy eats up every minute they have together.  Ty’s playfulness guarantees he is covered in kids at family gatherings.

Tyler is also my best friend. He is more than I could ask for in a partner and forever buddy. 

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