In Tyler’s words

I initially fell in love with Shellie because of her quirky humor, which matched mine. Also, because she is beautiful.  Joking about conquering the world, while being pulled on a chariot by two large cats with glowing red laser eyes, set her apart from other girls I had dated. As a wife, Shellie is wonderful. I got lucky to find someone who has so much love and patience (even the best guys are idiots). She is a considerate and compassionate soul. She is often the one her friends turn to for support in challenging times. Shellie is fun! Halloween may be her favorite holiday because she loves playing dress up and dancing.  She’s beautiful. She probably doesn’t know it, but I still check her out all the time.

She is always up for a fun adventure, whether here in beautiful Utah or halfway around the world in Thailand. Shellie values putting in the work for a good education. This led her to a challenging job in a pediatric ICU. She is highly organized and loves to plan the big things in life- be that a trip, coordinating as a leader in primary, or setting up a college fund. 

Shellie has somehow always known we’d adopt, and we’d have long conversations about it before we got married. It makes me smile to see her commitment and love for our son. His delivery was physically traumatic for her, and despite a long recovery, Shellie has always put her whole self into being the mom he needs. This has only strengthened her desire to adopt. I don’t doubt for one second she will be the same amazing mom for another child we bring into our family.

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