We want you to know that we understand you are here, reading this, because life hasn’t gone as planned or hoped. Although we can’t understand what it feels like for you, we know this is likely the most difficult decision you’ve ever faced.  Shellie’s little sister placed her baby for adoption almost 2 years ago.  We’ve watched what that was like for her. Shellie was involved, holding her hand throughout the most challenging times, celebrating and grieving with her.  It takes a selfless and courageous human to seek adoption for their baby.

We hope for an open adoption because we believe it is vital for children to know where they came from – to know what makes them who they are.  We want to get to know you, and hope for your presence in our lives.   But we will also respect your level of comfort with openness and communication.  And we understand that your feelings might change over time.  No matter what, we will ensure your child always knows of your love for them. 

We promise to provide a safe, warmhearted home for your child- one full of joy, kindness, learning and exploration.  We promise to embrace your child with open arms and love them beyond measure.

All of our love,

Shellie and Tyler

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