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Fancy Night Out

A night out just for the two of us! Ty’s work throws a pretty killer Christmas party every year. We got fancy, ate some delicious food and danced the night away. We really, really like to dance. We first fell in love dancing… and our moves keep getting better.

First Ski Day

We’ve been talking about this day for over a year, trying to get our little guy hyped up for his first moment on skis. And he was so ready to hit the slopes!… slope… bunny hill, to be more accurate. The magic carpet, aka glorified conveyor belt, carried us to the top of a wee hill, and then what ensued was a rush of pure adrenaline. He mostly just let Tyler hold onto him while his loosey goosey body flailed down the hill. But he had a big fat smile on the whole time. And then there was the moment when he said, “I’ll do it by myself.” And he totally did. He went down in pretty great form and crashed right into mama at the bottom. Beautiful mountain, so many laughs, adorable toddler snow bunnies. It was the perfect day.

Searching for Arches

We had a great weekend getaway to Moab. We took our li’l guy down last year at this time and again over Labor Day for our toddler river trip, but this time we drove to red rock country to hunt for arches. We spent the first afternoon at the local BMX track, gliding up and down the dirt “bumps” and then we later searched for lizards, toads and fish at the wetlands preserve along the Colorado River. We ventured into Arches National Park the next day. Little guy was in awe of the towering rock castles surrounding us. A gigantic rock playground is all you really need in life! We look forward to the day when we can share our weekend adventures with another little soul.