About Us

The magic began on a blind date. Two strangers, speaking in riddles, laughing hard and unexpectedly. We didn’t learn much about each other that night, but we felt an unusual connection- the kind of connection we didn’t believe was actually possible. Tyler later texted Shellie: there’s just something about a girl with hairy legs who smells like a campfire (she had just been camping). Shellie opened her flip phone and naturally, swooned at the endearing compliment. Need we say more?

Shellie taught Tyler the importance of hiking, concerts, dancing and costumes.  And Tyler shared his love of skiing, rafting and climbing with Shellie.  Now we do it all together.  

We often talk about our fortune of finding each other.   We’re in sync with what we want out of life.   We have serious goals, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We share a weird sense of humor and laugh easily together every day.   We communicate openly and respect each other’s feelings and opinions. We are truly best friends. We cherish experiences and memories, not things.   Genuinely, we love the life we’ve made together.  It’s simple, but full of everything important.

The Three of Us

We work hard, play hard… with an emphasis on play hard. As a family, we simply enjoy life. A big part of that joy comes from creating time and space to expand our minds. We want our children to take advantage of the endless learning opportunities life has to offer. We will encourage them to develop skills and talents that will help others. We want to take our children to new places, to see and know diverse people, and gain insight into different ways of life. We hope they will then naturally have respect and love for all people. Above all else, we want to have a close family with open communication and unfailing love. We want our children to come to us with anything and know they are loved unconditionally. 

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